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!Yellow Push,Process and Interaction Orchestration​!

Other Uses Cases

We’ve build pre-made, process-focused communication flows which are ready to implement in an instant.
Our plug-and-play solution gets your message in front of your customers fast.

A platform that allows to create and optimize interactions and processes between people and organizations via multiple communication channels.

Key components of our solution​

  • People Clients, employees and/or citizens
  • Platform Directs, coordinates and executes interactions between components
  • Smart tools ​ Enables our platform for the decision-making process and actions during the interaction with people
  • Channels technology used to communicate with people via our platform​
  • Organizations Any company or governmental institution that needs to interact with people


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Yellow Push


We are global telecommunications carrier and technology enabler with 18 years of experience in the industry. Our core values are led by providing excellence in customer service, transparency and fiscal responsibility through innovation and new technologies.


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